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At times a value date is set for the identical (TOD - abbreviation from 'today') or next (TOM for 'tomorrow') day as a trade execution. Under No Dealing Desk implementation, each foreign exchange market trade is completed back to back with one of the world's Premier banks or financial organisations. Other major benefit is the ability to place sequences within 1 pip of the commerce with no restrictions.

Traditionally both stages of interchange deal are conducted with alike counterparty but at the moment it' s possible to arrange a combination of currency transformations for the same amount with different value dates and with different counterparties.

A direct connection to market liquidity and performance is requisite for their strategy to avoid cessations and server failure. As the broker provides direct fluidity, everything sequences can be executed without the query of third party involvement. Their aim is to follow a plan bearing absence when it comes as well as conducting benefits while the time is right. The automated trading system is designed to uphold lucrativeness and shut this down while testing failures. The automatic trading system trades strictly on the rules it' s take much training to follow, removing any human decision.

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